Art has the power to be the great social equalizer.

Art Connects harnesses this power to amplify the voices of the people we serve,

illuminating their right to determine the cultural experiences that enhance their quality of life.

+our values






We dedicate the time and attention required to deliver maximum impact

We engage responsibly by immersing ourselves in all available resources

Constituent voices direct our process and define the terms

We remain flexible in order to stay


We leave our partners with the tools for continued growth


Communities are strengthened and quality of life is enhanced when people have access to the arts and cultural resources.


In 2017, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania published Culture and Social Wellbeing in New York City, a three-year study that quantifiably identified culture as an intrinsic value to wellbeing. New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs acts in line with this research by supporting nearly 1,000 nonprofit cultural organizations every year, providing access to the arts in public schools, transportation, libraries, and parks. City programs are far reaching, but some communities need more. These are the communities Art Connects serves.


Art Connects partners with social service agencies to build upon their work in shelters, supportive housing, public housing, rehabilitation programs, settlement houses and community centers. Our comprehensive interventions bring the assets of art and creative engagement directly into the lives of the people we serve. Putting their voices first, our constituents are empowered to express their needs and define the terms of our services – they direct the path to enhanced quality of life. The benefits of our programs connect with the network of city institutions and partners dedicated to increasing social wellbeing, furthering the breadth of our impact.

Art Connects New York

4 West 43rd Street, Suite 507

New York, NY 10036


EIN: 87-0768793

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