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Robert Fulton houses partnership

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

In 2018, Art Connects launched a partnership with West Chelsea’s Robert Fulton Houses to bring community-generated art and educational programming to the 2,500 low-and moderate-income New Yorkers living in the 11 - building NYCHA complex.

In 2019 and 2020 we will place five permanent public artworks, facilitate community engaged art projects, transform a 1,500 sq ft storage room into a community resource room and initiate educational programming led by neighborhood institutions. The impetus for these programs developed out of discussions, meetings, and surveys conducted with Fulton Houses residents over the past twelve months.

Art Connects’ first line of engagement with any of our community partners is listening to their unique needs and aspirations. From there, we propose projects and programs designed to fulfill these interests and rely on the community to collectively approve them. Overall, the work we do is meant to inspire personal ownership and pride in the art and expression collaboratively generated by individuals and community members.

A unique aspect of our Fulton Houses project is its location in today’s “center of the art world.” Since the late 90’s Chelsea, Manhattan has developed into one of the wealthiest commercial districts with art galleries, museums, and a rapidly growing waterfront. It is undeniable that culture thrives in Chelsea. Art Connects’ mission is to highlight the culture embedded within Fulton Houses itself and share the value of the community, whose roots reach back more than 50 years, with the wider Chelsea neighborhood.

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