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Through multi-year creative engagements, Art Connects enhances the cultural experience within local social service agencies.


Every partnership begins with education. We listen to constituents and their advocates, solicit advice from field professionals, and research the challenges particular to each community. From this foundation, we engage individuals in a civics process to define a project plan that addresses their unique needs and aspirations. Projects may include educational programming, design interventions, the placement of permanent artwork, or other exercises in creative expression.


At the heart of our method is collaborative decision-making. We place the voices of our constituents first - inspiring personal ownership in the process and pride in the outcome - allowing us to deliver the maximum impact. We activate relationships with the artists, educators and institutions most capable of creating meaningful and effective partnerships. While we provide significant guidance and leadership throughout the process, our ultimate objective is to empower individuals to further their cultural engagement beyond our involvement.   

+our Model


Launch agency partnership and focus on listening (9 months)   

We educate ourselves about the agency and its constituent population. We gather research, meet with field professionals, administer engagement surveys, identify constituent interests, explore potential creative partners, and begin to develop programmatic schedules. 


Launch civics process for constituents to define project plan, schedule and implement programs (15 months)  



In response to constituent aspirations, Art Connects proposes artists, educators, and other creatives for community engagement. We identify individual and corporate volunteer opportunities and activate public support. Upon constituent approval, programs, activities, classes, art placements, design interventions, performances etc. are scheduled and implemented. 


Develop systems to support creative programming beyond our involvement through the continued implementation of programs and physical interventions

(12 months)


Art Connects helps our partner agencies establish long-term programming relationships with the creative artists and institutions engaged during the CREATE phase. This is the culminating phase of our partnership. 

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