artist engagers | 2019

Dennis redmoon darkeem

Dennis RedMoon Darkeem is a multi-disciplinary artist + storyteller who creates artwork in response to the rich collection of people, places, and things he encounters in his everyday life. Living according to the philosophy, “Art is Power,” Darkeem believes art is a tool to inform, engage, inspire, educate, embrace, and celebrate one’s uniqueness. As an artist and art educator for over ten years, Darkeem is deeply embedded in the culture of New York City. He has exhibited his work and participated in numerous residencies throughout the tri-state area.

Noa Charuvi uses bold brushwork to paint the cycles of construction, destruction, and resurrection within our urban landscapes. Sofia Quirno turns her attention inward, drawing and painting the landscapes of her life in order to capture the curious experience of being in the world. Together, they create opportunities for communities to take pride in their values and heritage through art + design. Both artists show their work locally and internationally and have been awarded various grants and residencies. Of note is Charuvi’s Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant and Quirno’s Robert Sterling Clark fellowship, Vermont Studio Center. |

Noa Charuvi + Sofía Quirno

Annalisa Iadicicco +

the blue bus project

Annalisa Iadicicco is a mixed-media artist recognized for transforming reclaimed materials into sculptures and installations that give voice to social and environmental injustice. Originally a photographer, her practice developed out of building frames from found materials to create context and emotional environments for her imagery.  As Founder + Artistic Director of “The Blue Bus Project,” Iadicicco uses the mobile public sculpture to bring creative expression to the streets of New York City, supporting community, environmental awareness, and artistic engagement.

Thiago de mello bueno + marianna olinger

Marianna Olinger is a multimedia artist with a Ph.D. in urban planning and a long history of community engagement practice. She's a 2018/19 Teaching Artist Fellow at the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Thiago de Mello Bueno is a UX designer and tinkerer with a penchant for plant cultivation and is active in community projects. He volunteers extensively with urban farm and composting programs throughout New York City. Together, Olinger and de Mello Bueno are Ka’aguy -  “the forest,” in Tupi-Guarani language. Ka’aguy empowers individuals to improve their indoor air quality and ambient aesthetic by sharing knowledge on indoor plant cultivation and propagation for use as biofilters.

Niizeki Hiromi’s creative process often depends on the collaboration of her audience and is informed by the mundane yet familiar aspects of everyday life. She works in a seemingly illogical way with found materials to reveal unexpected and delightful resonances contrary to their original and intended purposes. Hiromi shows her work in The United States and internationally, and has participated in numerous artist residencies throughout New York City.

niizeki hiromi

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