Bringing Good Works Everywhere

Art Connects New York connects artists and New Yorkers from across all five boroughs through the gift of contemporary art. Here is what a few participants have said about their experience.

“As the art capital of the world, New York City can do more: it can enlist its wealth of visual art to support its social services . . . Art Connects New York’s mission is to leverage the city’s visual arts resource to create new connections among the city’s varied communities and enrich the lives of New Yorkers.”

Jamie Johnson, Founder & Vice-President of the Board of Directors

“My name is Robert Ryder and I’ve been at the Village Nursing Home for about two years.  Throughout my time spent here we’ve reached out and connected with the community.  We were fortunate to embrace the love of art. Since we’ve received the artwork, I have felt more inspired to do my own art, which has increased my positive attitude towards life. I would just like to thank everyone, including the artists, who have had a part in this event.”
Robert Ryder, Village Nursing Home Resident

“I really wanted to show the kids . . . all the different kinds of mediums of printmaking. When I was growing up, I didn’t even hear about printmaking until college, and then I just kind of fell in love with it. So I thought it would be a great thing to show the kids it’s an option.”

Kirsten Flaherty, Curator, “Animalis” Exhibition at the Isaacs Youth & Family Center

“Donating my work to Art Connects has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  It has been an amazing way to give my artwork new life outside the studio.  In speaking to the folks at the agencies where my work has been placed, I have been so thrilled by both how they see the work and how I have felt having my work, once languishing in a flat file, now offering new perspectives to so many people.”
Eliza Stamps, Contributing Artist

“I was incredibly moved by their appreciation and enthusiastic response to the artwork. I found it really gratifying as an artist to give and share in this way with the New York City community.”

Lisa Breslow, Contributing Artist, Institute of Career Development Placement

“We are so pleased with the placement—each of the pieces contributes to an exploration of our mission while bringing new energy to our office and our work. . . . A variety of individuals will see and benefit from the work.  We look forward to the ongoing dialogue that the collection will inspire.
Kelly Agnew-Barajas, Executive Director
NY Regional Office, International Rescue Committee

“We are honored to have been selected to be a showplace for these amazing pieces from such gifted artists. This has been a new experience for us and we are glad to be able to share with the community this wonderful opportunity.”

Christina Edmunds, Queens Community House

“The opportunity to bring life and color and vibrancy to this place is very important to us. The quality of the art we’re receiving is something we could never do on our own.”

Gregory Morris, Executive Director, Isaacs Neighborhood Center